Norway - Olden Fjord

Who knows what I mean when I say “that classic Norway”? Despite the ever growing popularity of the Lofoten Islands here on Instagram, they never really ‘felt’ Norwegian to me. For me, Norway meant fjords so I was really interested to actually get there and find out for myself what felt type of landscape evoked the most connection for me. The jagged wild mountains and beaches of the Lofoten Islands in the north or the giant, narrow fjords of the south west.
I apologise but I’m probably going to be posting a few fjord photos
I totally get the love many have for the northern landscape. From a photographic perspective it definitely translate well in images where-as the enormity and natural artistry of the fjords can be a little lost in a photo. Photography aside however, and I can’t help but love the fjords. They were everything I was hoping for, and more.


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