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  • Digital eBook

What’s f-stop did I use? Why did I choose shutter speed over ISO? What kind of camera bag should I buy? What’s the difference between you mirrorless camera and a DSLR camera?

This eBook is written with 15 years of professional photographic knowledge and is for anyone wanting to fast-track their introduction into the world of photography with over 70+ pages of professional hints, tips and techniques.


Photography ebook

Beginner Pack


  • Digital eBook
  • Exposure Lens Cloth

In addition to receiving the eBook: The Essential Beginners Guide to Photography, the Beginners pack will provide you with a super handy lens cloth displaying the photography exposure table. 

Stuff it in the pouch, clip it to your bag, and know that you will always have a clean kit and a photography cheat sheet on you at all times! 

Beginner Pack +


  • Digital eBook
  • Exposure Lens Cloth
  • Dust Blower
  • Carl Zeiss Lens Wipes

Are you feeling ready to kick start your photography hobby, and need a few of the essentials to get started?

Grab the Beginners Pack + providing you a downloadable copy of the The Essential Beginners Guide to Photography, a handy lens cloth exposure table that can be easily clipped to your bag, a dust blower and 4 lens wipes to keep your camera and lenses clean and ready to go.


More to come...

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